Steps was created to help college students better navigate through the struggles and adversities they will face as a student in higher education. Our goal is to provide students everything they need to attain mental wellness and thrive throughout their time at school and beyond.

At Steps, we understand it is usually not just one thing that will get us back on track. We believe a combination of therapy and coaching, absorbing the right content to build healthy tools and habits, and having the opportunity to read and write about experiences facing challenges as a student creates the balance that is needed, but currently not present on campuses.

We will help you:

Connect – Our providers specialize in the college student population and focus on stress, anxiety, depression, and the many other challenges that arise during college. We have short wait times and accept insurance.

Sustain – Our books, podcasts, articles, and videos are carefully picked to make sure we are providing you with only top-quality information that will allow you to build healthy tools and habits that foster resilience.

Unite – Your peers will share with you their experiences with stress, anxiety, and internship/career challenges, for example, and if you want, you can write about your own experiences. You are not the only one experiencing these challenges!

Whether you choose to take advantage of our therapy options, dive into the resources, or just want to read or write with Unite – these are all powerful ways to improve your mental wellness!

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