Dr. Matt Helm

My name is Matt Helm and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Wellness Director, Certified Holistic Stress Management Instructor, Clinical hypnotherapist, Certified Accelerated Evolution Life Coach, Certified Erotic Blueprint Coach. I have a PhD in Higher Education from the University of Arizona where I focused on Professional identity, leadership, and organizational psychology.  I received my MA in College Student Development from Michigan State University and a BA in Psychology from Michigan State University.

As a counselor, I specialize in:

  • College student success and well-being
  • Graduate Student Well-Being, Resiliency, and Happiness
  • Thriving in Medical School, Graduate School and Beyond
  • Thriving in Academia and Beyond
  • College Student Athletic Success and Leadership
  • Professional Athletic Success and Leadership

Dr. Helm brings over two decades of experience working in university and nonprofit settings where he focused on student, faculty, and staff resiliency, wellness, thriving, leadership, and success.  His professional focus is on freeing his clients and students from the debilitating effects of unhealed trauma, limited beliefs, addiction, and shame. He also focuses on how trauma impacts relationships at every level. His workshops and talks feature topics such as holistic stress management, thriving, resiliency, well-being, spiritual intelligence, and conscious relationships. Dr. Helm shows people how to be free and successful in every dimension of life and to build healthy and sustainable relationships around their authentic selves. He also facilitates growth by empowering his students and clients to be the architects and designers of the lives they yearn for and are capable of leading.

His message of love, healing, and living fully has attracted countless people from around the world. He works with clients in groups and one-on-one to resolve trauma and the mental, emotional, and physical blocks which obscure the ever-present alignment of the authentic self.

Dr. Helm is currently only available for group sessions.

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