Mentality Magazine is the first mental health student-run publication on any college campus nationwide. Its mission is to destigmatize mental health through openly discussing and prioritizing mental health experiences at the University of Michigan. Mentality’s primary goals are to educate the Michigan community about mental health, report on related developments at the University, spread important on-campus and off-campus resources, and facilitate a sense of community by sharing personal experiences.

Anyone is welcome to join the organization and be a part of the Mentality Magazine community. Involvement is not limited to writing personal pieces – members have many opportunities to contribute to our mission via scientific and analytical pieces, design efforts, and events which highlight our writing endeavors. By actively encouraging discussions about mental health, Mentality Magazine removes the stigma surrounding mental health and instead makes these discussions a priority.

If you would like to learn more please visit our website MentalityMagazine.org or reach out via email at MentalityMagazine@umich.edu.

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